Video Conference Lynnwood, WA

Video Conference

We can help people from the comfort of their home or workplace with an easy and secure video call. Save the time, hassle, and expense of traveling to our physical location! If you have an elbow, wrist, or hand problem, you can speak with a hand therapy specialist right where you are to learn what is wrong and how to solve your problem.

If you are unsure of whether we can help you via video conference, you may schedule a FREE phone call to get answers to your questions before you book your appointment.

Some conditions would be best helped by a follow-up or in-office consultation for hands-on treatment, specialized testing, or a brace that is custom made for you.  If you are not able to come to our office in Lynnwood, WA, we can help you find your best and nearest local option.

We are able to provide general consultation for anyone, anywhere regarding hand conditions, difficulty with daily activities, general self-care routines, ergonomics, and or can help you find the RIGHT medical treatment if needed.

If you have a specific medical condition (for which you have a therapy prescription from a physician or medical provider), video conference services are limited to Washington state residents at this time.

We are not able to bill insurance or worker’s compensation for video conference services, but are able to provide a superbill with detailed charges for you if you wish to request reimbursement from your insurance carrier for treatment.

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS:  JoAnn also provides training in how to provide services online to your patients.  Schedule a consultation today!