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Lolly Brasseur, Office Coordinator

Lolly is often your first point of contact for scheduling and insurance questions!  She is our front office coordinator, and a bright spot in our day.

A little bit about Lolly: her favorite travel destination (she’d do again in a heartbeat) is Wales. Anywhere in Wales, thank you! Another fun fact about Lolly is that she volunteers as a singer in the Seattle Symphony Chorale.

A pet peeve of hers? When drivers don’t use their blinkers.
A book I recommend: “Wives and Daughters”, by Elizabeth Gaskell.
A movie I’d watch again and again? “Ever After”, featuring Drew Barrymore.
In my spare time, I love to teach music, read, spend time with family, and go trail-biking with friends.
People are a gift. Look for opportunities to love.