Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Hands for Living because I was experiencing intense pain in my left hand. Turns out tension was radiating from other spots in my body. Kari helped me to release that tension and realign my shoulder and hips. My whole body feels better and the pain in my hand is gone. I am thankful for the kindness and excellent care I have received.

    Karen F.

  • The return of my range of motion and the much shorter time frame in which this took place, after multiple extensive fractures of my shoulder, is without any doubt due to the expert care of the therapists at Hands for Living. My treatment was very individualized and carefully monitored. I asked countless questions and things were explained so well and always kindly. They listen. They’re experienced. I always felt safe and encouraged during this challenging time. I’m almost back to ‘normal’ from an injury that doesn’t always turn out this well thanks to JoAnn and her team.

    Kathy H.

  • I had a workplace injury.  Too much repetitive vibration using a Sawz-all and a concrete cutting saw. The friendly therapist JoAnn Keller recognized the problem and set about solving it with a series of therapy and exercises. The one thing I regret is not going in earlier. These problems will not simply fix themselves.

    Carl W.

  • JoAnn Keller at Hands for Living is, hands down, the best therapist I’ve seen. After surgery for a thumb joint replacement, I was referred to JoAnn by my surgeon’s staff. The rehab is lengthy, this is my second time with this surgery (other hand) and the first time I didn’t go to a hand specialist for therapy.  Not only is JoAnn a highly skilled and knowledgeable specialist, she is dedicated to your success. She and her staff are all professional and caring, and they made therapy a positive experience. I’m so appreciative of the level of care I received, I know it’s made a difference in my recovery.

    Peggy S.

  • I was skeptical at first of therapy but my experience was eye-opening, and excellent. I was fearful the thumb crush injury would be a long time healing, but the top notch staff at HFL got me back to doing what I enjoy way quicker than I expected. Also received good general hand health info and home exercises to keep my recovery rolling. Polite staff that makes the process as painless as possible. Two thumbs up!

    Rc B.

  • JoAnn did a GREAT job when I dislocated my thumb, she knew how to balance my recovery with my need to continue to use my hands. I have been pain free for a long time now and I give JoAnn all the credit!

    Chriss C.

  • While the doctor who worked on my hand expected I’d need a skin graft, JoAnn Keller, of Hands For Living, approached it differently. She dressed my wound and built a custom hand splint that kept my finger in a position that promoted self-healing. In just a few days it was clear her approach was working. That was a huge relief to me and my doctor! I highly recommend Hands For Living because of my first hand experience (pun intended!) of the amazing work they do!

    Michael S.

  • I’ve had the mis-fortune of being a repeat client of Hands for Living as both my hands have had multiple issues.   Each time I have been treated with excellence and compassion.  The team is dedicated to improving lives, one hand at a time.

    Amy L.

  • Prior to therapy, performing minor tasks such as typing were painful. After three months of therapy, I can type, perform household chores and play clarinet with my soft brace on, and I am pain-free for those tasks. Thank you for encouraging my patience and progress during my healing process.

    Andrea K.

  • I had a wonderful time with personnel from Hands for Living. They are very kind, caring, companionate people. Hands for Living gave me my hand back. Thank you. Now I can enjoy my favorite hobbies.

    Liya A.

  • Before I started at HFL, I couldn’t write, carry any weight or do fine motor skill activities. Now I can do many activities that were previously impossible without a terrible pain.

    JoAnn was also the first medical practitioner to start getting an idea of what was causing my pain, that it was the nerves, not the ligaments. For that alone I am grateful.

    Frances P.

  • I am so thankful for the help I received at Hands for Living. From the moment I first walked into the office I felt supported and listened to.

    I went from hardly being able to use my left hand to being able to complete many daily tasks that I wondered if I ever would. I can now use an electric can opener and carry a shopping bag.

    I so appreciate this professional office. Thank you to JoAnn and Melissa!

    Shellie H.

  • I injured my thumb pretty badly, but through constant therapy I was able to get my thumb back to optimal strength and am basically back to normal.

    The path to recovery was clear and the care given along the way helped me reach my goal.

    The therapy and therapist were very effective.

    Andrew M.

  • JoAnn is the most patient and fun medical person to visit.  I was in so much pain with a severely damaged finger when I went to see her that I was scared for anyone to touch it.  She made it feel so much better that I was looking forward to my weekly therapy sessions with her.  My finger is so much better and only thanks to JoAnn.  I couldn’t recommend a better ‘hand repairer’,

    Christine J.

  • I would describe my therapist as AMAZING!! The whole staff is incredible. Such helpful therapists. The therapist really listen to all of your concerns and address them accordingly, totally customizing your recovery.

    Before surgery, I was totally depressed. Now I have my life back. I can do things at home and have a much better outlook on life

    Patrick B.

  • My therapist was able to help me reach my goals by having empathy and understanding of the emotional part of a life changing injury, while keeping me working toward achieving the most improvement.

    They have given me hope!

    My therapist was kind, knowledgeable and a task master, yet very understanding of everyone’s different situations.

    Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me through this trying time of my life. Your office has truly exceptional customer service.

    Michele W.

  • My therapist was amazing, kind, caring and compassionate. She was very knowledgeable about my injury and was supportive and patient during treatment.

    Keep up what you’re doing! Thank you for all your help and knowledge during my difficult time of recovery.

    Christina B.

  • My experience at Hands for Living was entirely positive. JoAnn was compassionate, patient and understanding about my pain and my anxieties, calmly stepping me through with very clear explanations of what to expect and setting goals week to week.

    I especially appreciated her soft-spoken manner and unwavering, direct eye contact while we talked things over, and all of my questions were answered with the certainty of one who knows her material.

    The other members of the staff I encountered there were also very friendly, warm and welcoming.

    Jean T.