Hands for Living exists for one purpose:  To connect people with what is possible.  That includes US, those who work here every day!  It IS possible to have a job you love, working with people you respect, admire, and enjoy, and have the support you need to begin or continue your career as a hand therapist!

We are ALWAYS interested in talking with people (OT/PT/CHT/OTA) who are committed to hand therapy, and KNOW that connecting with people in this way serves YOUR purpose!  

We have a 4-month guided "Hand Therapy School" mentorship program available for a therapist who is new to, or is seeking certification in hand therapy.  You will work with experienced therapists, share patients, and grow your skills and confidence.

Possible leadership opportunity for a therapist with 2+ years of hand therapy experience.

Work with a fun and inspiring group of people who love hand therapy, the outdoors, dogs, and travel!

Are you interested in:

-  Spending one-on-one time with your patients?

-  Making custom orthoses (splints) for patients as often as needed? It's one of our specialties...

-  Making real connections with the people we serve - and your great co-workers?

-  Seeing your clinic grow and help more people each day

-  Working in a beautiful newly refinished clinic with great windows?

-  Coordinating with super solid office management support to help negotiate insurance requirements?

-  Professional independence and growing your skills in both hand therapy and leadership?

-  Good communication with a variety of hand surgeons and other physicians in the area?

-  Treating your patients as a whole? (Hands are attached to shoulders and bodies after all!)

-  Earning a competitive pay and benefits package (401k, health insurance, PTO/ holidays, continuing ed allowance)?

-  Bonus points if you speak Spanish!  

If you think you’d be a great fit with our team, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

Please send an email to [email protected], with your resume attached, in order to inquire about open positions at Hands for Living.  We have a wait list if no positions are currently open.

Ideal candidates have Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) credential or are interested in pursuing this specialty. Minimum requirement is a WA state license as an OT or OTA.

Core Values at Hands for Living

We genuinely care - We listen to and serve people beyond what’s typically expected in a healthcare or employment relationship. We strive to help people be better off than when we met them - and things better than we found them.

We believe in people and their dreams - We believe that people can grow and change over time. We love to help our patients and employees accomplish amazing things and become the best possible version of themselves!

We do the right thing - We are grounded in integrity and strong ethics. We do the right thing every time, even if it is less convenient or causes more work.

We face challenges with optimism - We keep our cool and don’t fold under pressure; we recognize there are always options to solve problems. We move forward with hope and confidence, as we know the right path will become clear.

We own it - We have an ownership mindset. We take responsibility, do what it takes to get the job done, and uphold the commitments we make.

We seek to learn new things - We know no one has all the answers. We foster a culture of curiosity through continuous learning and sharing our knowledge with others.

We check our egos at the door - We know we aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes. We are still willing to try new things and to share our opinions.

We build trust - We assume positive intent and listen carefully with the desire to understand. We build strong connections through open, authentic communication.

Click here to email JoAnn if you are considering a job change - whether it's at HFL or another clinic!

Therapists!  Click here to email JoAnn if you are considering a job change - whether it's at HFL or another clinic!

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