Specialized therapy to help reduce pain from hand and arm hypermobility.


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Fight back against pain from hypermobility (loose joints).





We specialize in treatment of

(AND numbness and other RELATED PROBLEMS!)

Fight back against pain from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

My custom hand splints are comfortable (even though they're plastic!).  The therapists know what you need before you do... and they have a ton of suggestions for hand-related issues.
- Jay K.

They know EDS!   They helped me develop some light exercises I can do without over-stressing my shoulder.

- David S.

My therapist was amazing, kind, caring and compassionate. She was very knowledgable about my condition and was supportive and patient during treatment.

- Christina B.

This is an absolutely fantastic resource for Ehlers Danlos related issues.

If you know, you know... how hard it is to find someone for us Zebras.

Thank you for all your help and knowledge during my difficult time of recovery.

We care about you. 
Not just your loose joints.

Living with hypermobility, with or without Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, is hard.  REALLY hard. 

We've supported thousands of patients throughout their journey. 
We've heard their stories.  Understood their pain.

The best part about our job?  It's not the awards we've won for outstanding care, or the latest gadgets we find to help the recovery process...   

It's the people we meet.  And seeing their tears turn into joy; their fears turn into confidence.

It's easy to work with us - we're flexible.

We will track your progress and adjust your program as you improve.

Feel hopeful.  Feel StrongER.  Feel confident.
Do what you love.

Tell us where you are now and where you want to be. 

What's important to you?

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Hands for Living - Redmond is located in Village Square in downtown Redmond, just north of the Fire Station.


Hands for Living - Lynnwood is located in the Alderwood Business Campus, Building 6, Suite 213, upstairs from Northwest Return to Work and John L. Scott.


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